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What we perceive as black and grim

Could be another’s guiding light

As our vision is darkened by doubts

We’re awakening other’s sights


Perspective is the key to see

The choice is derived from your mind

Don’t search for darkness within the light

You don’t want to get lost or be blind


Look beyond darkness to find light

Embrace it as a step to grow

Add colors to the picture you see

And believe in what success does show


Don’t allow doubts to add darkness or prevent you from seeing. What we think is imperfect could be a guiding example for another. Perspective is important for determining what we see and what we think others see, but every perspective is exclusive to the individual. Searching for darkness when we offer light prevents recognition of our gifts and blinds the realization of what is true.

Look beyond the doubts that darken your mind and take time to enjoy it as your time to grow. Add new thoughts to brighten your vision and start believing in the happiness it shows.