Confidence isn’t about how strong you sound or how assured you appear to others. Those are factors of interpretation that can’t be controlled. Confidence is the passion you express and the assurance you feel within. With confidence, no other opinion can sway your beliefs.

Going into a presentation, you can build a voice that’s sure and wear a mask that appears unstoppable, but if the confidence doesn’t exist, there are ways to expose it. Small questions and reactions can shake your mask if you don’t feel comfortable as you are. You think you’ve hidden it well and nobody can see it, but the aura of your person changes with you. It could’ve been a brief moment because you’re human, but don’t deceive yourself into thinking that your mask hides it all. The truth remains, no matter how you appear or how you hope to sound.

How can you be confident knowing you’re meeting with people who disagree with you? Ignore thoughts on how they might be and concentrate on you. Ask yourself why you want to do it, remind yourself of what you’re willing to do and realize why you chose it. Not everyone will agree, but you have a purpose you want to accomplish. Don’t be confident for the sake of satisfying others, do it to express your person and achieve your purpose.

Confidence isn’t about a performance, it begins with who you are. When you’re working for what you believe in, your passion will be expressed. Even if your ideas aren’t refined, your passion communicates your willingness to work for it and that spirit will catch on to others. Confidence isn’t required in everything you do, it’s an expression of where you are in the moment.

Search for the person you are, determine what you want to do and be assured that you’re being who you want to be. Don’t feed your doubts, concentrate on you and your spirit will speak in volumes. Confidence is yours when you know who you are and are willing to share with the world.