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The cycle of life is always controversial

What bothers you today is tomorrow menial

There isn’t a set pattern in which to comply with

Don’t place your faith in the media and commercials


Rolling waves causing you to swim in all directions

There is no avoiding the common intersections

Surf with the water to experience a smooth flow

Never permit your spirit to hand out rejections


Enjoy the positive and savor the negative

They are conflicting for now but remain relative

Accepting one without the other isn’t complete

Continue forth being open and contemplative


Thinking about life, I felt that everything occurs in cycles that include opposition. For every occurrence, we can argue whether it’s right or wrong, but after it passes, it matters no more because it was part of the cycle. It’s always best to go with the flow because we must accept the lessons we’re meant to learn.

No need to distinguish between good and bad, both experiences have value for our person. Accepting one without the other is half a cycle. The experience is conflicting in the moment, but it is relative to the big picture. It’s always best to continue on while remaining open and being contemplative.

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