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It’s more important to remain included than to allow the illusion of perfection to keep you excluded.

I can’t do it, I’m afraid I’m not good enough. Don’t hold onto an illusion that you can be perfection. You only have the ability to do your best in that moment. There’s no control over what life will throw your way, you can only decide what you want to do with the catch.

Why limit your growth by concentrating on what you can’t control? The chance to experience will be missed and it may never return. Include yourself, participate at your best and explore the gifts intended for growth. Don’t drown in thoughts of perfection in the eye of another because you can only be perfect for you and if you’re not, you have the power to improve.

There is no end to the adventure of life when you focus on growth and desire inclusion. There will always be something for you to explore. Ignore I can’t and improve by trying, who knows what treasures you will uncover. Use your power, be bold and try; respect all gifts you’re bound to discover.