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Through the search for the meaning of love

They yearn for something that will last forever

Once trust is set, they aim for togetherness

They strive diligently for their union

Side by side, they face diversity as lifelong friends

Partners, they vow to inspire each other for life


A commitment they forge for life

Persistent efforts for their found love

They survive the trials of life as the best of friends

Always determined to last forever

Even when separated, their love is a union

Their trust signifying togetherness


Constant focus for togetherness

They shall be compatible for life

Every action, a contribution to their union

Amplifying the strength of love

They’re bound by shared values and the best of friends

A haven of security forever


Commitment never ends, it lasts forever

Even in separation, they have togetherness

It’s a gift to remain lifelong friends

There shall be no growth of fears facing life

A strong foundation is provided by love

Doubts don’t remain with a solid union


There’s hope in the desire for a union

As the goal is to last forever

It begins as a venture for love

And evolves into togetherness

It can be crafted into a joy for life

An art designed by friends


Commencing with the desire to be friends

They grow the rewards of a union

They promote the sanctity of life

Contributing gifts that last forever

Even for the world, they inspire togetherness

And is a motivation to search for love


With the promise to forever be friends

A union is formed symbolizing togetherness

And life will be lived in an atmosphere of love