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When placing an offer to someone outside of yourself, different perspectives can be adopted to determine if it’s a success. The offer doesn’t have to proceed as planned for it to be a success. Any offer placed with genuine love is success and you control how to perceive it.

There are times when you have a strong urge to help and think you know what’s best. Despite your intention, life occurs, and you feel like you were swept under a rug. Is that perspective true? Of course not! You meant well and your love is appreciated, but it wasn’t the right time. The offer was placed and if they don’t use it, they lose it. What they decide isn’t within your control and there’s no way of knowing what went on without speaking to them. You’re not worthless because they couldn’t accept. They lost the opportunity because life happened, and your love is stored in their memory as a contribution to your integrity.

When you place an offer with expectations, you are setting yourself up to get hurt. A genuine offer requires no specific response; it’s simply a loving gesture. With expectations, you will lose it when they don’t use it. Is this the perspective you want to have? Of course not! Again, you have no control over others. Your offer communicates your intention, contributes to your integrity and you relinquished control when you placed it on the table. It’s successful because you did it with love.

No matter the outcome of an offer, always ask yourself, “Why did I choose to do it?” If you can answer, you had a genuine reason for acting and you are successful as your person. If you’re tentative to answer, then your purpose wasn’t clear and there’s no reason to place blame on others. Life goes on and you can continue being successful. Learn from your experience and accept your success as is.

Be aware of the perspective you adopt after placing an offer on the table. Remember that life happens, and you don’t have control over everything. Believe in who you are, make your choices wisely and trust in your love. You are successful when you place an offer with love. Whatever the outcome, you are contributing to the integrity of your person and you are worth every effort. Keep loving and all will be well.