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Living in a world recently fascinated by the effects of psychology and creating unsolicited fears based on external research, humankind tend to prefer half-truths with the intention to keep the peace. Though a half-truth evades conflict, it isn’t an honest approach. Full understanding and open communication, the foundation of every relationship, is required to remain united with trust.

Have you ever hidden your opinion because you felt bad for another person? Well, as caring as the gesture may be, empathetic feelings are your opinion and may not align with that person. Share your thoughts gently and be open to hear their perspective, you may learn something new without breaking the trust.

Have you ever wanted something for yourself, but felt assured you’d be denied? Don’t suppress your needs to avoid conflict. The peace may be kept now, but your disappointment isn’t resolved and could carry into similar situations. Deal with your moment in the now, don’t let it linger in your heart. Be honest and deal with the outcome today, you never know what it may change for tomorrow.

Have you ever wanted to help someone but didn’t because you were afraid to offend them? Don’t dispose of your care without trying. Your urge of curiosity may have meaning. It’s difficult dealing with challenges alone and a genuine act of care could be all that’s needed. Your help may get refused, but your kindness prevails. Maybe you’ll make a new friend and learn new things by following your urge.

Don’t resort to half-truths to keep the peace because the truth can’t be denied. If you’re ever uncertain of the outcome, then follow your instincts and be honest. Honesty can be disruptive, but it’s a doorway for learning and bonding. It’s always nicer to hear the truth because nobody wants to stray from their natural path. The worst that can happen is the boat gets rocked and you work together to survive. Be honest, stay nice and let the truth nourish life.