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When it’s time to move on and our vehicles must die

Our loved ones, with fond memories, break down in sad cries

They can no longer see or feel us, but we’re with them

A spiritual presence is meant to mystify


Upon life, in their every day, we will appear

While letting go, they have memories to bring them cheer

Our spirit never leaves, we just hover all around

They are quite strong and, without us, they should have no fears


We will always remain connected to all spirits we love

We are loving and guiding, even from up above

Their loss is only physical and not eternal

Nothing could break the connection of abundant love

Having just lost a friend and dealing with her death, the invisibility prompt inspired me to describe what I believe happens when we pass away. Spirits are all around us, even if we can’t detect them physically, and the bonds we create in life are strong enough to survive without us. The strength of love is an invisible foundation that withstands all hardships.

Submitted to dVerse for Merril’s Invisibility Prompt