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To our children, there will be nothing to pass on down

When we live every day in duty with a frown

We cannot do everything for our children’s lives

They aren’t majestic and don’t deserve to wear a crown


They need to fall down to remain secure on their feet

Don’t let them give up or accept their defeat

Help them to realize their inner strength and courage

They are just beginning life and not yet complete


As parents, set an example and be persistent

Especially when the children become insistent

Remain active with love in daily interactions

You will succeed when they trust that you are consistent


A Rubaiyat poem submitted to dVerse

Inspired by the role of parenting, reflection of what happens, responsibilities and the entertaining process to reach success. People love their children tremendously, but there are times when they wonder how life will turn out. Children are always hard work, but deep in our soul, we know that their lives are worth every effort.