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In celebration of 4 years of freedom from Epilepsy.

I’m grateful for every challenge alive; without each experience, I would not have the will to maintain my drive.

Looking back upon my life, many people say that I have a hard life and felt that I was unlucky, but I don’t agree. I’m one of the luckiest people alive to be blessed with a diverse range of experiences. Life is what we believe it to be and I believe I was blessed with my experiences because life believes in me. If I wasn’t trusted to handle hardship, I wouldn’t have been offered the opportunities.

Reflecting on the years with epilepsy, I appreciate the trials because they shaped me into the determined and faithful person that I am. Yes, it was a struggle to brave unexpected falls, but it trained me to know what I wanted to strive for and built skills that made me follow my instincts. I admit I was extremely bewildered with epilepsy gone. I was scared that without it, I would no longer have a drive to move me forward.

Having a stroke, I accepted it as a gift. The pending possibility of death was gone, and I was offered a different experience to keep my drive alive. Falling and hitting my head was no longer inevitable for me, but I had a different motivation to stay on my feet. Stroke recovery gave my determined personality an alternate purpose to keep my drive alive and I’m grateful for every small improvement gathered.

Yes, I experience hardships in life, but they all offer different perspectives to build the determined, faithful person I enjoy being. I accept overwhelming moments as tests of will that remind me of who I am. There is no purpose in regretting the gifts I’ve been offered because I recall the abundance of love on my path. I wouldn’t have received it or learned why it’s important to give it back if I never respected the life I was given. Never refuse life’s offerings, for you’ll miss out on the diverse gifts it brings.