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Any encounter with tension is a sign of deserved attention. 

When life is going smoothly, and we meet a slight tension, we are offered the sign that something deserves our attention. Whether it be a physical ailment, an emotional nag or simply a feeling we can’t ignore, it’s bothering us because it deserves to be resolved.

There are days when a new pain will appear on the body and its dismissed with the thought that everything will be okay. Sometimes that pain will reappear and grow insistent with their message, these are the time we know they can’t be dismissed. It may have tried to warn us when it was small, but because we didn’t listen, it grew bigger, is more serious and can no longer be ignored. Who knows what we’re being told? But why risk a loss just because we don’t want to listen?

When a relationship feels cozy, a change in attitude may occur and we question the sudden disruption. Everything is going well, how could there be problems now? Sometimes we search for something to blame, but we need to step back and be open to recent changes. Somebody in the relationship requires attention and it could be one, both or purpose to work together. Whatever the cause, it feels tense because it requires attention to resolve.

Proceeding with routine lives, there are days when our attention wanders, no matter how hard we try to focus. We often get frustrated with ourselves, but we disregard why we wander. We think we know what we’re supposed to focus on, but life is trying to make us conscious of separate issues that need care. I was supposed to complete my essay today, why am I being drawn to this new research? Could it possibly help my work if I look into it? Life offers mysterious communication and being open when we’re drawn could open new doors intended to assist our journey.

Life is a roller coaster ride filled with discoveries and we’re informed in subtle ways. There’s always reason behind each message, even if we don’t choose to accept them. Liberate your minds, embrace tension as encouragement and continue growing into the person you’re meant to be. We may not feel ready, but if Life is calling, we can be confident we’ll succeed.