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A vacuum to suck away dirt and dust

Is like an anteater clearing the bugs

There are times when it’s an absolute must

To clear build up on the surface and rugs


Into corners, they tend to stay gathered

Out of sight until they decide to grow

Healthy cleanliness, wouldn’t you rather?

A place of comfort that will always show


After the vacuum eats the dirty grime

It’s waste can be tossed in the garbage bin

It’s a task that requires work and time

To reorder the state your home is in


Be an anteater for a cleaning day

It reorganizes the disarray


While teaching a child the fun of a vacuum, imagination was required to make it fun. Vacuuming sounded boring and wasn’t favourable until I suggested pretending to be an anteater. Just imagine the dirt and dust as ants and our hand-held vacuum as anteater. It’ll be fun feeding our vacuum while the house gets cleaned.

And so now we know what we must be to work together and keep the house clean.

Submitted to dVerse for Poetry Forms: the Sonnet