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Upon a journey commencing with dreams

There are many pieces to find and build

What is it that you wish to create?

Are you prepared to follow life streams?

Can ideas form a strong guild?

Continuous efforts allow wisdom to permeate


Experiences offer knowledge to permeate

Adding maturity to one’s dreams

What was impossible unites as a guild

Providing foundation for what you build

Promising success as the direction it streams

Fulfilling the purpose to why you create


There is no completion without the steps you create

Even when you don’t understand what it permeates

It isn’t always smooth when released in streams

Though still a contribution to your dreams

Share with others who also wish to build

And work together as a talented guild


Confidence grows when beliefs are united into a guild

You will be bold as you aim to create

Faith is demonstrated in everything you build

Enjoyment found in all that permeates

Uncertainty will have no place in your dreams

And you’ll find a contentment that naturally streams


Not always knowing where life streams

You must take notice of all your guilds

Everything given was intended for your dreams

New opportunities found to continue to create

Accept all that comes and permeates

You will find a way to make a success out of what you build


Never lose focus on what you desire to build

Flow calmly down the various streams

Who knows what’s in store and will permeate?

They could be strong and unforeseen guilds

All is inspiration to help you create

And progress towards your dreams


Build what you want and connect all received into guilds

Create with passion and follow your creative streams

Follow your dreams and life will permeate