Today I am responding to Fandango’s One Word Challenge Contrast and sharing my thoughts on morality


The controversy found

When proving a point

Aiming to prove what’s true

Discovering they’re joint


Illusions will contrast

Open dormant thoughts

Truth will always remain

No matter our plots


Choose a point with your heart

Follow what will come

Look beyond the contrast

Wisdom is the sum


I believe morality is subjective to life and is individually directed. A person’s values and experiences influence their perspective. Morals, skills and possessions effects one’s direction and is their reason for action. What one person holds true in a moment isn’t true for everyone as individual ventures pertain to individual growth. What starts as a just cause evolves and risks getting strayed. The truth remains, regardless of what’s seen in a moment and nothing changes what is.

Following with the heart provides a moral direction. When one is able to appreciate the venture and look beyond the contrasts,the fight to remain with what’s true leads to a success separate from the task, it offers wisdom.