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What is wealth? Wealth can be defined in various ways and is different to each person. It’s an individual responsibility to define wealth and determine if it leads to happiness. I believe that a person’s wealth is derived from their respect. Whether it be material items, spiritual beliefs or things that draws attention and leads to happiness, wealth is all around us and presented in an assortment of forms.

Some people believe that money is wealth, and this is true in a societal world with others to compare to, but is it a truth in an individual world? Is being better than another a satisfaction to you? Does the energy of succeeding over others sustain your desire to be an individual? Or does your success contribute to your individual goals? Only one person can take the journey to find the answers or be certain with the discovery.

Whatever the goal is today, it can easily evolve tomorrow. New knowledge gathered yesterday influences thinking for today and it’s up to you to decide where you want it to go. Did yesterday’s events awaken a new understanding? Do I agree with the opinions I expressed yesterday? Or do I wish to change for my future? Accept what life offers, reflect on it to answer your question and determine a path for you.

Does watching happiness around you without the luxury of money bring you happiness? Is it a fulfilling wealth for you? Whatever fuels your soul with contentment forms respect from you. No matter how it differs from others, it is important to you.

Take the liberty of finding your form, explore the treasures of your choice and enjoy the wealth it brings you. Wealth is found all around us and it’s an individual responsibility to choose it, define it and own it. Every individual has a unique vision of wealth that pertain to who they are.