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What in life constitutes limitations?

What determines preventions?

Weed through all the influences

Persist in chosen challenges

Reflect to recognize inspiration

And own your earned rewards


There is a journey to gather rewards

Where you’ll question your limitations

Moments when you have to find inspiration

And persevere to conquer preventions

Stay focused amidst challenges

Have the will to guide influences


Rejoice in all offered influences

As they can be crafted into rewards

Strive for success in challenges

And you’ll never be defeated by limitations

With belief, there shall be no preventions

All hardships become inspiration


Never lose faith in your inspiration

For it represents core influences

There shall be temporary preventions

To guide you until you’re ready for rewards

Never believe they’re permanent limitations

For there wouldn’t be growth without challenges


With an open heart, embrace challenges

Respect life’s inspiration

Acknowledge present limitations

Transform them into motivational influences

There will be just rewards

For every battle against preventions


Don’t concentrate on fearful preventions

For they enlarge the challenges

Trust hard work builds rewards

And every effort is inspiration

All experiences are influences

Encouragement to recognize no limitations


Face all preventions while searching for inspiration

For all challenges become positive influences

Nothing constitutes limitations when you recognize life’s rewards