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It’s important to accept life as is and as the person you are. You can only be yourself and you can only work on your skills. No matter how it varies, it is your structure to construct and all resources are found along the journey. External acceptance is difficult to obtain when searching for agreement, but internal acceptance is enlightened with individuality.

Don’t compromise your life to fit in with others; for the path meant for you can’t be altered for others. An alteration will deter the truth for now, but truth remains until realized. There is no gratification until completion.

It isn’t about being normal, it’s about living life fully. A full life includes various components. It’s important to address physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment to be complete. Life may not appear how you thought it would, but to respect it for what it is will awaken knowledge for the enlightenment you require. Accept your life as is and accept it as the person you are.