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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In your journey, don’t allow opinions to become boulders.

What is an opinion? An opinion is an individual perspective that resonates personal beliefs and experiential preferences. All opinions are unique and worthy of consideration but it’s an individual responsibility to determine an opinion. Despite the experiences that are a part of our person, opinions don’t have to be supported by the past, we can choose to be receptive, work in the present and evolve for our future.

As there’s no standard way for every individual, differing thoughts will be met and accepted as inspiration to grow. Everyone focuses on separate issues at different times, even when striving as a group towards a common goal. Each person contributes their gifts through the concerns their heart bares. What they present may conflict with your thought, but would you have considered it if they hadn’t mentioned it? Nobody is always on the right path on their own, conflicting thoughts make us stop, think and listen.

Opinions are alternate paths of thought to consider, we decide what it will be and where we wish to take it. Some opinions will strike us as unimportant and we ignore it, but, even after ignoring it, we’re subconsciously drawn to the thought and our perspective grows. Maybe there is value in that opinion, even if it doesn’t pertain to me right now.

As much as a sense of belonging is desired, shared opinions doesn’t guarantee belonging.  Personal opinions are derived from experience and isn’t transferable. We can ask others if they agree but there’s no guarantee on the response. Our dignity isn’t rooted in the opinions of others, it’s in the core of who we are. It matters what we think and feel, it’s great that we’re willing to share, and we will always belong being who we are.

Venture out, consider your opinions and accept opposing thoughts for growth. Beauty is out there for you to find, open yourself up to diversity and allow no boulders to limit your journey. Stay true to your person, explore new possibilities and share the unique individual you are. Every opinion is worthy of consideration. Respect them all and evolve into who you’re meant to be.