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To work with grace, initiate your personal base

Every individual possesses a personal base for function. Spiritually, physically and mentally, they return to their base for support. Working with grace incorporates multiple actions for a common purpose.

To function with grace physically, there are parts to consider as a base. Arms and hands can’t move gracefully without shoulders. Legs and feet can’t move gracefully without the hips. Despite wanting outer limbs to work our needs, it can’t be achieved without full function of the base parts. Graceful balance is hard to maintain without the function of core muscles.

To be a graceful person, there is a personal base to which is returned to for confidence. The base of personality is rooted in values. When wanting to remain on a desired track, values are reviewed, and the heart is used to guide the decision.

Do you wish to be a graceful person? Select an endeavor, reflect on the base required and strive towards your goal. Respect the base that supports your needs, it is the foundation of your person. You will achieve grace working with your personal base.