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Tension creaks in the panes of our base
This is a home we haven’t visited in years
We imagine cobwebs that cloud our vision
Yet, we’re curious to revisit and face fears

We enter already spooked by ghosts
Thinking to embrace the life that is no longer
The haunted house isn’t what we thought it was
It feels like a home to which we used to belong

Cobwebs melt into experience
Ghosts materialize into fond memories
Love reawakens and shines bright from within
Strength is signified in every creaking pane

The haunted house isn’t frightening
Ghosts aren’t fearful when we’re open with intention
Love is bright as we remember what has passed
The house stands strong, still a foundation for our soul

Have you ever buried an old issue and been compelled to dig it up for closure? Writing about unseen things for dVerse, I imagined a haunted house representing fears and hardship of revisiting old wounds.