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The kitchen, the room to store our resources and, together, bond with life. Groceries, work bags and letters stocked in the room while leaving space for sharing meals and daily tales. The room my family would routinely visit to maintain our person and reconnect with each other. Despite its use for bonding, it was a family gathering room when duties were distributed. Dinner preparation, table clearing, dish washing and so much more. The kitchen was our main room to be and find ways to work together.

The kitchen, a central room to nurture hunger, responsibilities and our family bond. It was the root of our house that branched out into the various rooms that housed my family and eventually shared beyond the home.

Central ground to share
As trees offer fruit blossoms-
Years have spread its seeds

Binding room to meet 

Gathering environment,

Central for all needs 


A Haibun submitted to dVerse