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The more protection we lay, the more their responsibilities stray 

Children are born innocent and sweet because love is their first experience and they have no other experience to oppose the love they feel. The love born is a valuable gift and is something a parent wishes to preserve, but the reality is life isn’t only filled with love and goodness. Experiences contradict the essence of love and offers practice for life’s balanced explorations. The journey wouldn’t be complete without trying every aspect of living. Providing only what is considered good limits the skills of handling hardship. Love is always distributed, and preservation won’t solidify its presence.

Parents are compassionate when their children struggle, and they share love by assisting in every way they know but forget that their child’s life doesn’t belong to them. What may be possible and gratifying for a parent may not be the same for the child they raise. How would a person discover their passion if they weren’t permitted to explore their options? How would a child learn how to make choices if parents made all their decisions?

Children are born with a fresh canvas to create their art and everyone is excited to witness the finished project, but the process requires many years of patient love. What is thought to be best for them today could easily change tomorrow and there’s no control over how it’ll go. Parents are a base support for children to return to when in confusion and the love recognized fuels their courage to move forward. Parents represent comfort zones, but life wouldn’t be a full journey if children only knew their parents. How would a child survive without a parent if they couldn’t practice their skills with their parent?

When a child is no longer dependent and has the courage to try new things, a parent knows they’re advancing but it’s hard to accept that it’s time to reduce our involvement. It’s time to trust in our dedication and place confidence in our unique creation. Their life won’t be a smooth sail, but neither was our own and we know life offers various opportunities to grow. We want them to remain near, but they wouldn’t feel the true essence of our person if we were always beside them. How would a parent be an example to follow if they kept the same pace on the same adventure?

Look upon the apples of your tree, savor their unique gifts and respect their individual journey. A parent’s love is a core memory that roots a child to life. Despite the opposing priorities, children are treasures that rewards a parent’s effort and parents are loving fuel that inspire life. By any means a parent may be required, trust that life provides all resources necessary to encourage all fruits to grow. Let your apples fall from the tree so they may know which way to go.