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What is conduct and why is it an important thing to maintain?

Conduct is a way of behaving and its an important thing for an individual to maintain because it serves as a reflection of personality. Behavior has the power to communicate feelings and influence the environment. Choice in conduct may establish the direction of your journey.

In a habitual conduct, characteristic actions are expressed and uncertainty of a conviction is omitted. Continuous practice assists our navigation to success, emanating determination to succeed. Conduct determines the response we receive, encouraging simultaneous reactions.

Conduct is a form of universal communication that can be observed by strangers. Intimate communication is required to decipher a person but conduct is respected as a testimony of character. A chosen conduct commences an individual’s karma. The energy contributed will eventually be reciprocated.

Through conduct, individual beliefs are transmitted and are vulnerable to judgement. It indicates exclusive values and ambitions, and admired as a statement of individuality. Explore your option, actualize your objective and form a conduct beneficial for you.