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As Spring hovers near, dreary weather lingers giving hope for new life. We yearn for bright light and are tempted to turn away the clouds filled with showers, yet we’re aware of what the showers will bring. Acceptance of darkness, with faith in light, we respect the process required for a complete existence.

Many things fade away with the Winter season, yet we anticipate new life to blossom. From what we’ve witnessed in the past, we’re confident that’s there’s more to discover. As darkness drifts about, our light within strives to awaken anew. To what will be encountered is unknown, but we’re ignited to find out what it is.

We’re confident that life brings new gifts, even ones we may not understand. Darkness looms around for balance, a reminder to appreciate the treasures we desire. The clouds that linger now will evolve into a Spring of Life for all to enjoy.

Atmosphere lingers

Anticipation anew

For what gifts will come