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Don’t succumb to the stereotypes of old age and dying 

For it drains life out of you 

And creates a story that’s lying 


Don’t compare to the young or other existence 

Concentrate on the journey 

Strive for a complete experience 


It wouldn’t be everything if you remained on top

And you wouldn’t continue 

Anticipating your time to stop


We’re all on a journey, whether we’re young or old

We’ll all be learning something 

Encouraged to survive and be bold 


Having had the experience of being one of the youngest in my family, yet being as frail as the eldest, I don’t pay attention to the stereotypes of old age. It’s hard to feel like you won’t continue while watching everything else. The worries created when our mind is clouded by fears distracts us from our life.

There shouldn’t be comparisons to any other, for the journey is individually yours and everyone wants completion to be whole. It isn’t simply a matter of life or death, it includes every experience taken on. The feeling wouldn’t be whole always being the best, there’d be no motivation to continue if concentration was on the finale.

Everyone is on a journey of life, whether young or old, and at every age, there’ll be something new to learn. The unknown will bewilder and cause question, but they’re all encouragements to survive, be bold and continue the journey.