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Thwarted to witness the disgrace

When one thinks they’re the best 

Blinded by illusions, 

Forgetting consideration for the rest


What of the small gifts life offers?

They amount to wonders

Life is beyond the self 

Don’t forget respect, observe from asunder 


Peaceful existence among friends 

Together as a whole 

Unique separately 

Unified lovingly as spiritual souls


It thwarts my spirit to witness someone wanting the very best without faith in life. Seeing the best only through their eyes, blinded by individual desires to the point of forgetting that others have individual perspectives. 

Despite not always receiving what we want, life experiences are filled with gifts that amount to great wonders. When one is patient and willing to look beyond their person, they won’t be as thwarted by the lack of immediate satisfaction. Life deserves respect for its eventuality. Take time to let go of expectations, observe from asunder and be open to the ways of others. 

Open respect generates a peaceful existence among friends, whom are together as a whole. Everyone remains unique in a separate form, yet are forever unified as loving souls. 


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