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Faith is individuality. It’s rooted in our soul, comparable to no other and proven only to our self. 

Faith isn’t a religion or culture to follow and it isn’t only bound by acts of love. I believe that faith is individuality. Faith is a spiritual belief in who we are with confidence in the purpose of our existence.

Every individual has a unique purpose to be alive and it’s rooted in our soul from birth. A distinct set of skills to train and explore, exclusive passions to uncover and ignite and a solitary path to be discovered individually. There are various trails to discover and every trail will serve a purpose. Everyone is free to try them all to decipher their motivation. There is no scheduled time when the flower will bloom, as every flower is unique on its journey.

We venture into the world and meet various people. We question if we’re meant to be the same or if we should follow, but only our person will know the answers. We’re curious to experiment with our abilities and we’re open to try new things, yet we fear the judgement of not being good enough. It takes time to realize that our individuality is comparable to no other. Every experience, choice and inspiration is exclusive to who we are. Once we embrace who we are, there can be no other to replace us.

Along the journey, we’ll be questioned to explain our purpose, but we only require understanding from our self. We may attempt to define it to another but will be caught by interpretations influenced by separate experiences. Only our self comprehends our full purpose, is aware of the passion that sustains it and holds memory of the development.

To have faith in your person is to recognize your individuality and be confident in your interrelation with life. The love that we demonstrate is the life that we distribute to the world. To love yourself is to give life to yourself and to have faith in your life is to embrace your individuality. Live long and prosper as the individual you are and share yourself to contribute life and love to the world around you.