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Submitted to dVerse for the theme of Holy Places

Amidst my kingdom, there are many places to be 

For every uniqueness, I offer diversity 

Unite your spirit with my love 

In all places, I shall watch from above. 


Don’t succumb to a solitary station to pray 

I remain with you as you share, in every way 

Find a place that makes you feel whole 

And we will unite in body and soul 


Feel free to discover who you’re truly meant to be 

I’m content with the growth of individuality 

Any place is sacred to pray 

When we connect, others may be dismayed 


I believe that God is life and love and is all around. I don’t believe sacred destinations will boost a spiritual connection. I’m confident we are individuals with unique qualities and are free to choose our own way to connect with life. We may follow others to explore, but we possess an individual practice to restore. God is proud when we choose to be who we’re meant to be.