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Observation of the world leads to realization of how everything is interrelated. Positive, negative, emotions or facts, they’re all related and influential to life.

There are times when concentration is on a single factor and I think I’m alone, but with metaphorical thought, I am open to relate with everything around me.

Similarities to the beauty found in nature, a reassurance that life is a gift to cherish. Be one with internal and external offers and generate an atmosphere of joy and peace.


Combining all things in life

Atmosphere of joy


How Poetry was inspired to me

I’m 37 and I started writing poetry when I had to accept Epilepsy into my life. I felt different and left out, so I searched for a way to relate to life. Through metaphors, I drew similarities to nature around me and realized that every life is a journey filled with personal relations. Poetry helps my spiritual connection to life and reminds me that everything is a unique gift. Whatever the style, it provides me time to reflect and connect in peaceful contentment.