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What is an image and how trustworthy is a preconceived image?

An image is a mental conception of a person, animal or thing. A preconceived image isn’t trustworthy because life provides continuous changes and evolutions are unavoidable. Perceptions are imminent information that assists our knowledge, but sustained consciousness upholds respect in our conduct.

An image that we have of a fellow person is an identity that we give them that has been generated by our views and manifested by personal perception. When a person persistently holds onto the images that they create, they annihilate reality through the avoidance of truth. With a set image resistant to change, a person eludes the truth while venturing into a garden filled with negative, dishonest possibilities and omitting the positive opportunities. An adverse circumstance arouses hesitance but it can be accepted as a new stage for development.

Open yourself to the truth and allow the images to be an introduction. Don’t hold onto preconceived perceptions and enjoy the Garden of Positive Possibilities as you get to know other people in truth and honesty. An image shouldn’t remain perpetual, it will continuously evolve with the progression of every person.