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For me, God is Love. It matters not the culture or religion one holds dear, Love is the energy that is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. Love is the source of life and needed to nurture life into greatness. In all life offers, Love is present, even when we don’t recognize it.

When first introduced to God, God was a solitary spirit that rules over everything. Studying different religions, God became the essence of love. Love is unconditional, encompassing all with respectful appreciation and fueling life. Through all that occurs, Love is there to accept us as we are and redeem us.

When my Journey of Life began, God, as a powerful spirit in control, lead me to work for others. Searching for my path, I worked hard to impress God, but had to face the experiences meant for me. I wanted to thank God and give back to the world. I never received an audible response, but I received spiritual vibes that spoke to my heart. Admiration for how God accepts all, God became Love to me. The best way for me to express my gratitude is to share love with all.

In every situation, Love is there. Emotions get turbulent and life gets misinterpreted, but Love is around to enlighten the experience. Even when I can’t accept it and fight to turn it away, Love patiently lights my path and welcomes me when I’m conscious of reality. There’s no visual for what Love is because its found everywhere and in everyone, even when we don’t recognize it.

Trust in Love, embrace Love’s presence in your life and be confident that you are a source of Love. Love is the essence of life. It’s the energy required to succeed and live in contentment. For me, God is Love.