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At times when the people around me go about their business and I don’t know how to participate, I turn to Patrick, my stuffed dog, because I feel safe and accepted with him. I can share all my feelings with him without worry of judgment and I can work through my issues without him telling me what I should be doing. With Patrick, I can be as upset as I need, and he won’t interpret my actions with his thoughts. Working with Patrick permits me to be myself, find my own answers and always have a sense of belonging and love. 

I feel like a child holding onto Patrick for so long, but his thoughts are my thoughts, so he provides the best method for me to sort my emotions. Hugging him, I know that it’s my love that’s being given back to me. Through knowing that Patrick is always waiting for me, I’m more confident to believe that I am here to support myself. Every action Patrick makes are done by me and the comfort he expresses are my expressions.

Stuffed animals may be toys for kids, but their cute, innocent demeanors are a comfort when quiet time is needed to sort the thoughts.  They make great friends when we’re afraid to listen to ourselves and they’re great practice for self-expression. One day I’ll be comfortable to talk to myself in the mirror and then I will be confident to share myself with others. How would we ever improve ourselves without a little practice along the way? For whatever reason Patrick came into my life, I’m grateful for the haven of love I can return to after every new experience.