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After a period of rest from what we were 

It’s a comfort to know 

Our spirit subconsciously concurs


It won’t ever be a loss, on you, that shows 

A new start, just begin.

Follow your heart and, with your life, flow


The journey of life introduces mysteries 

Embrace them with your soul 

Welcome upcoming deliveries 


Every person requires a period of rest from habitual routines to restore their person and reconnect with their aspirations. When we return to our responsibilities, it’s a comfort to recognize our values and know that we remain spiritually connected. Disrupting a routine consciously takes us to another realm to explore, but subconsciously we’re rooted in who we are.

It takes a lot of concentration to progress on a single journey, but it isn’t always a loss to stray from the set path we’ve chosen. A different action introduces something new, opportunity to begin anew. Uncertainty arises and encourages us to take time to unite with our purpose. These are the times to follow our heart to discover where our lives will flow.

The Journey of Life is always exciting because it’s filled with wondrous mysteries to explore. When we choose to embrace them with our soul, we’re accepting the various treasures it enjoys delivering. We shouldn’t analyze what will be, just respect it with fluidity.

Take time to disengage yourself from the stressful customs of every day, nurture your soul and body with loving care and remain faithful that you are the unique individual you are meant to be.