Communicate to Understand

“When nothing is said, and nothing is talked about, nothing is understood.”

Every individual delves into life with an independent focus to assist the greater good. Nobody’s ideas should be judged when the intention is good, but an idea will get misinterpreted when they forget to communicate their thoughts. A vague sentence doesn’t clarify what’s desired, it’s a brief suggestion for others to consider.

As the month of February commenced, Anna Murphy looked around her living room and realized she hadn’t given it a thorough cleaning in 2 months. She detected dust balls in corners and suspected they were building behind the couch. On the couch, she eyed the pile of clothing and books where her husband Mark always sat. In the far end of the room, Anna looked at Jasmine’s corner. Her daughter had 3 separate piles of art supplies, toys and books. It was seriously time to clean up, Anna was looking forward to capturing all the dust piles in the living room.

After dinner, Anna decided to share her idea with Mark and Jasmine. “Hey, guys, it looks like it’s time to do another living room clean up. Tomorrow I want to work with the two of you to tidy up. Are we all in?” Anna told them enthusiastically.

“Sure, honey, we can all participate in tidying up the living room. Right, Jasmine?” Mark replied.

Jasmine nodded her agreement and started thinking of the ways she could help. She wanted to make sure all her things got organized properly.

The next day, the Murphy family was ready to give their living room a good cleaning. Jasmine had plans for her corner, Mark had a new plan for his spot and Anna was anticipating the fun she could have with the vacuum.

“Okay, you two get started on cleaning and I will get my equipment ready.” Anna told her family before she left to get the cleaning equipment.

Mark gathered all his clothing in a hamper and started stacking his books around his corner. Mark wanted to make sure everything was off the couch, but his books had to remain within his reach.

Jasmine gathered all items from her corner and started to reorganize her piles. She made sure to take all her things from the middle of the room and placed them in her corner. Jasmine wanted all her stuff in her corner and away from the center of the room.

When Anna returned to the living room with her cleaning supplies she looked around the room and let out an exasperated sigh. “Mark! How am I going to vacuum behind the couch with all your books blocking the path? And Jasmine, how are we to vacuum your corner with all your stuff there?” Anna asked her family.

“What do you mean, Mama? I made sure to reorganize my corner, you could vacuum the center of the room. Daddy put away all his clothes, vacuuming behind the couch should be easier, you just have to do it differently.” Jasmine told Anna.

Anna took a moment to realize her daughter’s words then gave a small laugh. “I didn’t tell you what I had in mind for cleaning, did I?”

Mark replied, “No, you didn’t, I thought you were just tired of seeing my things on the couch. I made sure to move them off, but I wanted to keep my books nearby. You know how much I love reading on the couch.”

“Well, that is true. Thank you for clearing your stuff. Jasmine is right, I should try a different way of getting the dust. I promise to tell you guys my actual plans when we clean in the future. I would love to hear your ideas, too. This is our house, we should all have a say on how we want our home to be.” Anna told her family.

The Murphy family gathered into a big hug and vowed to start sharing their thoughts, so they could achieve goals together as a family. Every member of a family will have independent methods to care for their family, but without a discussion, a common understanding isn’t accomplished.

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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