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Excuses aren’t necessary to justify your cause, you’ll always be a unique person with individual flaws. 

Life will be what we want it to be, it’s all a matter of perspective. Every person will harvest varying ideas that pertain to who they are, not every idea can be utilized by everyone else. We all have incentive to be how we wish and will encounter opposing viewpoints that challenge our purpose. It’s not a reason to doubt our purpose, just an opportunity to expand our perspective and unite with our individuality. There’s no reason why we must explain our cause, everyone deserves respect for the unique gifts they contribute to life.

An individual drive motivates accomplishments unforeseen by others, it introduces a chaotic path of controversial perspectives to assist the discovery. Justification to another isn’t necessary but identifying personal reasons will unify us with our individual purpose.  It’s an individual responsibility to know which path to follow, summon the courage and achieve success.

Reflection on a past situation at different times will strengthen our sense of purpose and clarify our perspective. Changes happen every day and every new lesson dawns a new beginning. Feel free to release thoughts conceived in the past and replace them with new information. Every new harvest requires patient nurturing to provide nourishment.

Liberate your preconceptions, explore new discoveries and embrace your evolution. Justifying your cause isn’t necessary when you respect the gifts of individuality that enlightens the world. Every individual is unique, with their own set of skills, sense of purpose and ability to realize the gifts the Journey of Life presents.