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It isn’t about providing the best for a child, it’s about providing what they need with assurance of support. What does a child need? Do they have to be the best in their class? Are they required to have financial security throughout their life? Are they entitled to every enjoyment they desire? It may appear desirable to have everything, but would they be experiencing the truth of life?

As parents, we try our best to provide our children with the best for their well-being. Our decisions are based on our experiences and our perspective doesn’t always align with their needs. We question our capabilities, only to realize that we’re not our child and we don’t have full control over life. We’re capable of providing our best and the rest is up to them.

Children may require guidance, but it’s an individual responsibility for them to explore their passion and determine their path. A parent introduces the various options of life and their contributions will remain as suggestions intended for the greater good. A lesson can be correct in the moment, but after it has been released, a parent must trust that their seeds will blossom when necessary. What may be good for us now, could be good for them later, but we’ll only find out by allowing life to proceed.

Despite the adverse knowledge a person attains through life, it’s applicable to the recipient. It can be shared, but it’s only realized when it coincides with that person. Every piece of knowledge is assistive, but there’s no prediction of when it’s the accurate solution to introduce.

Hold true to the purpose of why you chose to be a parent, contribute your care and establish a supportive environment for your children to determine their passion. A parent will never know the exact direction their child needs, but they continuously commit their best efforts to maintain a secure foundation. Liberate your child to explore who they are, have confidence that your love matters and relinquish control to embrace the gifts life offers.