Everything We’re Surrounded By

For everything that we’re surrounded by, they represent life lessons we can’t deny 

There are goals that we strive for and our environment is filled with various options to research and consider. Experts and beginners are all around us, there are many ways to perceive their existence in our lives. They’re all little reminders of the various aspects of life required to be complete.

Having had the opportunity to restart my life at a basic level, I’ve observed the people around me from a different angle. I watch experienced people and I determine what I want to work towards. They possess the skills I don’t have and motivate me to strive for a new level to achieve. I ask myself: What must I do to achieve their level? Can I achieve it, even if accomplishment feels distant? When questions arise, I must remember that experts aren’t for comparison, they’re inspiration to assist my vision of where I desire to be. They are useful to offer insight on experience and have wisdom I have yet to acquire, but it’s sensible to remain conscious that we’re separate individuals.

When I observe beginners, I’m reminded of the basic skills and values necessary to maintain a balanced, successful life. Beginners remind me that being successful with complications isn’t a position to desire; it’s important to return to basics to maintain our core self. Despite the glory of accomplishment, basics are consistently applied to daily living and is rooted in the qualities of our being. We’re ambitious when we’re aiming for excellence, but to neglect simple details would cause our foundation to collapse.

Older, experienced people (ie. parents, experts) don’t exist to tell us what to do, they’re there as an example so we may decipher where we want to be. Beginners and inexperienced people (ie. children) don’t exist so we can compare and feel greater, they’re reminders of the basic skills required to achieve greatness. Every example is significant to life, it’s our responsibility to respect the value and apply it to our life.

Liberate your placement in life, explore all positions and appreciate the gifts of every level. Starting back at square one doesn’t define you as unsuccessful, it means it’s time to review the fundamentals to ensure your strength. Appreciate all the people around you, respect the gifts encountered and acknowledge the purpose of every level. We are all consistent beginners in life striving to excel our person. We all require basic skills and we can all achieve greatness.

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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