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Don’t judge a book by its cover; you never know what the story will uncover.

To judge a book by its cover is to assume we know what lies beyond the cover. It’s title or physical disposition may give us an idea of what the story may be, but the words written within may present a different idea. If every person was a different novel, we can’t judge their life just by looking at them. Our conception could only be correct if we experienced their life as the person they are. Preconceptions stem from the experiences we carry, but not all our theories apply for others. Before drawing an assumption, be bold and get acquainted with the actual story.

A person with a happy disposition will appear content and at ease with their life, but I can’t fathom what that disposition truly encompasses. It could be a passing emotion, their actual person, or it could be who they want to become. Full knowledge could only be obtained if I chose to befriend that person and am willing to listen to their story.  Despite thinking that I might know their story, who knows what I may be inspired to learn?

Every story is individually constructed to express a unique tale. While experiences are easily related to, they can’t be claimed as actual understanding. The values, skills and motivation that inspire action differs in every individual. How could that person agree to take a low paying job? Maybe it’s appropriate for them right now and it will help them to develop what they need for their future.

Every chapter represents the building blocks to a complete story. The meaning may be continuous, but it’s still necessary to occur for completion. Without every block laid down for foundation, our creation wouldn’t represent a stable message. Repetition is necessary to solidify a significance and can occur in different ways. Without every experience that motivates us to strive, how would we know that it’s possible to survive?

Calm the preconceptions within your mind, observe the world around you and concentrate on the story of your life. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror, but don’t judge yourself based on what you see. Your story is still being written, just like everyone else and there are still many chapters for everyone to discover. Indulge yourself in discovery, appreciate every chapter of your story and celebrate the unique purpose of every story.