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The memories of what I used to do 

How am I to believe that it can still be true? 

I must let go of what used to be 

And try my best to just be me


It isn’t about what I used to know 

It’s all about finding a new way to grow 

I must find something new to trust 

Build the courage to leave my past in the dust 



For every advancement I encounter, memories arise as fearful doubts. There was a way I used to succeed but can I trust that it’s the logical method for now? When there’s an urge to find out what can be, I must let go of what used to be and attempt at being my best with the present me.

Life should never exclusively be based on my past knowledge; the fears encourage a new way to grow. It may be time for an exploration to find something new to trust. To move forward in life, I must harvest my courage to leave the past behind and embrace the discoveries before me.