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If it’s not your game, don’t compete; nobody wants a bad experience to repeat 

Various competitions in life are initiated when an individual is concentrating on who they want to be. The competition may be deliberately set by another, who is also exploring their purpose, or it may even be a conception created because they haven’t realized their personal focus.

Regardless of where they think this competition is derived from, it’s an individual responsibility to decide if it’s something to participate in. If the intentions don’t feel respectful or doesn’t coincide with their person, then they shouldn’t communicate any interest. Interaction will only relay a consent to continuously attempt an unwanted experience.

It can feel easier to abide to another to relieve the pressure of their demands, but the action isn’t beneficial because it expresses permission without conveying the actual feelings. The anger conjured by the actions of others will never be known until it is clearly communicated. Every individual’s method of living differs and isn’t understood immediately. If you feel it’s not for you, then don’t permit it into your life. It isn’t necessary to argue, but it’s important to express yourself to reach an amiable understanding.

Common comprehension aren’t inspired without a slight fight, but fights shouldn’t only be conceived as arguments or tests to prove who’s correct. Sometimes, a slight fight is there to test a person’s will and encourage communication towards a common ground. There’s a lot of things a person will think they know but discover they’re incorrect when they courageously express their thoughts.

Attend to your person, determine your desires and express yourself to reach a consensus in your relationships. If a competition is brought to you, discover its purpose and make it of value. Express yourself to obtain your desires and only abide when, with you, it coincides.