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A period of resignation 

To accept as a restoration 

Revitalize the spirit 

For a new goal preparation 


Respect it as a time to rest 

Review efforts as your very best 

Reflect upon your progress 

Realize you passed a life test 


There are times when life is filled with vigorous energy and then we realize we’re not able to remain that way all the time. We miss the enthusiastic motivation in our spirit, but respect that restoration is needed to remain unified. When one task is completed, it’s time to reflect and determine a new goal to prepare for.

Respect that rest is required to restore the energy, take time to review the efforts that placed you at your best. Acknowledge the progress to which you contributed and accept that a hardship is simply part of life’s test.

Rejoice in the victory that you want to claim, submit some time for personal care and determine a new challenge for you to strive towards. Enjoy living, learning and progress forward. Life is too short to endorse one mindset.