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What is optimism and how is it an assistive characteristic for life? 

Optimism is the tendency to view the favorable aspect of a situation. It has been an assistive characteristic in my life because it keeps me grounded in the belief that there’s a balance in life. When the negative occurs, being optimistic fuels my courage to discover what life has to offer. I believe that, even though I can’t know immediately, life allows all occurrences to evolve and positivity will be found in the end.

With optimism, I’ve made a personal obligation to consider favorable circumstances. I’m not always correct with my thoughts, but I’m happy to place a positive participation by balancing my beliefs. I enjoy being thankful and respectful to life, and I believe optimism renews hope in my environment.

In times of hardship, optimism provides me an incentive for discovery. Confidence that life won’t remain negative, ignites a motivational courage that inspires me to continue moving forward to realize the truth. Optimism has served as a salvation from doubts in my life and I consider it a majestic trait to pursue opportunities.

Never just believe that the worst is upon you, it may just be time to enlighten more growth. Respect the circumstances you’re given, search for your answers within and pursue the path you desire. Be optimistic, shed light onto your life and await the balance that life provides. Life never remains the same, but there are always new treasures for us to explore.