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After a vast number of dreams 

Awakening various fears 

Here we are together 

Upon our foundation of value 

Sharing a love that is unconditional and true 


After adventurous living 

Maturing individually 

Here we are together 

Pursuing ambitious endeavors

With confidence in being together forever 


Many years of experiences are shared in a durable relationship. Memories of dreams and explorations that we tried together, even though they led us to face fearful situations. Every experience justified our bond by encouraging us to work together. Looking back upon our lives, I believe we are still together because of the foundation of values we chose to share together. We built a loving relationship that is unconditional and true.

After many years of adventurous living, we’ve both had the opportunity to mature individually and we’re still tolerant of each other. Today, we’re together and we’re both pursuing ambitious endeavors because we’ll always be confident that our love will last forever.