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What is light and how is it symbolic to life?

In life, light has always represented hope in times of doubt. It is a bright energy that encourages me to move forward. When darkness settles after some turbulence in life, I have faith that light will emerge to balance the journey.

Light is a luminous energy that helps me to place hardships behind me and to patiently persevere to realize the rewards life presents. The image of light within my world ignites my spirit to believe in the positive and be generous with love. In the confidence to share love, the light shines and indicates the courage within me.

In life, I believe that sunlight showers a spirit with harmonious and loving support. With the consistency that light appears and disappears throughout life, I believe light offers tender touches of care in times of need. It is a gentle guide that revitalizes the spirit and promises more.

When darkness is bestowed upon life, respect it and envision the light you aspire. Explore the adventure you’re given, trust that the light will rise and acknowledge the gifts your journey contributes to your life. The light always chases the darkness away; envision the sunlight as you awake and start a new day.