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Communicate with a small sign, before care decides to resign.

As a parent, it’s within my nature to want the best for my child, even when I’m not understanding what the needs are. I act on my instincts and try to contribute, but, sometimes, I’m met with disinterest. I’m not always conscious of how much I should do, but I can only hope that my intentions are realized.

All I desire is acceptance for my efforts, even if it’s a second of eye contact. If an argument comes my way, I’ll respect it as a sign that I’ve overstepped my bounds, but any small sign will communicate respect and encourage me to continuously love. When the attention is on a device or that the choice is clearly to ignore me, my motivation to try decreases and wanders to negative emotions. I’m not trying to prove that I know it all because I’m Mommy, I’m just expressing concern and offering what I can.

I’m a person who enjoys being challenged, finding out that I’m incorrect is an opportunity to learn. I prefer being told that I was wrong because I believe it’s an encouragement for my efforts to remain strong. Direct responses may not always be available, but every small sign of acknowledgement is a motivating gift.

Look away from your device for just a second, recognize the care being offered and reciprocate the love with a look in the eye. Sometimes, all it takes is a small sign to assure a person that their love has been consigned.