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Sense of a strong energy 

Doesn’t constitute the very worst 

We may not comprehend 

It may be a symbol of an inspirational burst


Inspirations hold meaning,

For an individual to discern.

Don’t make it personal 

Without their knowledge, it’s not an issue for your concern 


Savor all the energy,

Encompassed within your conscious realm.

Embrace it naturally, 

Without creating a situation that overwhelms. 


There are times when we detect a strong energy in another person, but we’re unable to interpret what the energy means. Strong energy doesn’t exclusively constitute negativity and that assumption is unnecessary. Comprehension may not be immediate, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be accepted as an inspirational burst.

Inspirations hold great meaning and individuals are responsible for discerning them. The reactions received from others don’t have to be personal; without knowing their thoughts, it isn’t an issue of concern.

Despite the lack of knowledge of how we affect another, the energy shared by others is something to enjoy. Encompass the energy in your conscious realm, embrace it openly and prevent yourself from creating a situation that overwhelms. Even though you don’t understand, the energy shared isn’t intended for disposal.