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When a cycle comes to a completion 

The passionate flames wither

In search of new wood to burn 

Motivation is what our spirit yearns 


Until a new chapter is discovered 

The pages are assumed blank 

Creative thoughts start to bloom 

Warranting that an end is not a doom


Permit what passed to remain part of you 

Be enlightened by what’s new 

Explore a route to travel 

A new cycle, the assuring gavel 


I believe that my adventures in life occur in cycles to offer the different spices of life and reassess my capabilities. Starting the cycle is exciting because it promises new discovery, but when completion nears, I feel the passionate force wither. These are the times when I yearn for a renewed motivation and search for new things to discover, but I don’t want to let go and allow the previous venture to be wasted. 

The inspiration lies within, a new chapter will be found without the assumption that everything is blank or without purpose. Belief in my objectives liberates creative thoughts to bloom before a direction is chosen. This encourages me to explore and guarantees that the previous ending wasn’t final, just an indication to start anew. 

I can start new journeys without completely losing what passed, I must reflect and realize what it meant for me. Acceptance of what just passed assists my motivation to be enlightened by new opportunities. There’s plenty to explore and a new route must be decided; a new cycle of adventure is the assuring gavel that encourages me to look forward and know that an end isn’t eternal.