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If they were always there to assist, I wouldn’t find the motivation to persist.

Many times, I have asked for assistance, was given a promise and recognized a miscommunication. I used to get frustrated, think I wasn’t worthy of care and finish by doing it myself. Now, I realize something new. If people were always there to assist me, I wouldn’t try it myself and I wouldn’t find out what I’m capable of doing.

The concept of having all our needs met whenever it’s required is a self-conceited concept that overlooks reality. If everyone else succumbed to our bidding, how would we gain the experience? Would the motivation to try exist if we always received everything we wanted?

At times when I can’t receive what I desire, I accept it as an opportunity to try. Sometimes, I fear that my effort will be flawed, but I prefer knowing that I tried to be independent and accept that my mistakes will assist me to realize my capabilities. Every motivation that encourages me to persist makes me believe that there’s a reason why I exist.

Don’t wait for the gifts of life to be handed to you, consider your options and find a way to pursue. Every inspiration that encourages you to discover offers wondrous gifts to uncover. Find your purpose for existence and when there’s no assistance, just give it a try with a little persistence.