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When life is aware of my goals, it offers double to make it whole.

It’s entertaining and gratifying that life listens to our needs. It can make a person question why they keep pursuing goals, only to remember the fulfillment each challenge bestowed upon them. The moment feels like a frustration, but the possibilities are transparent when we continue enthusiastically.

Every time I set a goal in my mind and feel confident to see it through, I realize that life presents me obscure circumstances to challenge my will. After giving my body time to adapt to new improvements, I was determined to go out and test myself, then was faced with rainy weather that made my body tense. I wasn’t bewildered, I’m used to receiving a test when my mind is motivated.

I looked out the door and was tempted to give myself an extra day of rest, but it wasn’t inspirational to refuse the experience. I wanted to know what life was telling me, so I chose to entertain the need to prove my ability. I could only focus on the various gifts received every time I choose to persevere. I expressed my appreciation and concentrated on the result to transpire.

Life never provides an impossibility, it just enjoys indicating abilities for realization. A double offering shouldn’t be something to fear, just accept it as an opportunity.  The greater the experience, the closer you are to your goal with a pure advancement to remaining whole.