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Don’t just agree to a situation because you think it’ll satisfy a need, a single request could hold multiple intentions for a person. It may be more than just an agreement that they seek, it could be a bond that they wish to establish.

When a person requests our attention, it could’ve taken a lot of effort and courage to make the request, but this isn’t obvious because the objective is only clear to that person. We may assume that they want agreement but without full participation, they may not be receiving what they desire. 

Intentions may be to respectfully please the person, but when we’re unaware of what they’re seeking, misunderstandings will occur. Everyone desires genuine and loving attention and shouldn’t settle for anything less. Don’t give half-heartedly to comply, actions speak louder than words. Reluctance is easily detected and won’t satisfy a need. 

If the task isn’t what you want to do, don’t comply to satisfy. Search for a route to satisfy you, cultivate an alliance with whom you’re with and harvest a fulfilling relation that you’ll both appreciate. You don’t have to conform to make others happy, there’s always a solution. The efforts we demonstrate nurtures blossoms that make everyone happy.